Mar 182007

La commission juridique de FOBID, l’association regroupant les organisations de bibliothécaires et de documentalistes aux Pays-Bas, a rédigé un guide sur l’attitude à avoir lors de requêtes judiciaires.

Dix commandements pour les professionnels de l’information (traduction du néerlandais en anglais par Wilma Mossink)

1. Don’t supply information to police or other judicial authorities on one’s own initiative ;

2. Always ask for the identification of the person who requires the information ;

3. Direct all questions under the Wet bevoegdheden vorderen persoonsgegevens to the management ;

4. Always ask for the rationale behind the request for information ;

5. Report every request for information to the management ;

6. Report every request for information to the legal committee of FOBID ;

7. Ask legal advice about every request for information that involves more than personal data ;

8. Don’t supply any more information than requested (put in writing the information required, as well as to whom, when and why it was supplied) ;

9. Notify, if possible and permitted, the subject of the claim ;

10. Restrict the storage of data to the minimum according to the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens.

Source : Wilma Mossink, Conseillère juridique, Fondation SURF et membre du groupe Copyright d’EBLIDA(18/09/06)

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