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Propositions des « collègues allemands »

« You really did a great job !! Congratulations. Your paper makes it very easy for me to add some more thoughts from a European (and German) point of view :

Quality control : All copyright laws give an author the right of protection against any changing of his work (Entstellung des Werks Art. 14 German copyright law). In some cases the digital output of Google book projects results in missing/damaged parts of books. Is there a mention of this problem in GBS ?
Toby already mentioned the European perspective. There are many European Google projects going on.
Legal deposit. Under the new German law of legal deposit in the German National Library it would be possible that Google has to deposit one copy of each digital book in the NL. What is the legal situation in other European countries ?
Orphan works. You should (re)read the article by Bernard Lang lang/ecrits/l… GBS does not mention the problem.
Long time archiving. Nothing is mentioned in the GBS about this problem. Who is in charge for long time archiving/preserving in 10/20/50 etc. years ? What about changing of format ? Google book projects have a very deep effect on national cultural heritage. »

Harald Müller »

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